Topics & Lecturers


  • Atmospheric modeling as a multiscale problem
  • Atmospheric models with non-uniform grid resolution
  • Convective parameterization methods
  • CHUVA-project: contribution to numerical modeling
  • Global Atmospheric Models overview
  • “Grey zone” numerical models
  • High resolution climate modeling: advances and applications
  • Impact of the LBA program on the modeling of continental tropical processes
  • Land-ocean-atmosphere feedbacks and the impacts in convective processes
  • Modeling of radiative processes and impacts on land-surface and atmosphere
  • Moist convection modeling overview
  • Multiscale modeling of moist convective processes
  • Numerical methods
  • Orography sub-grid scale processes
  • High-resolution modelling of turbulence

Students will have the opportunity to present their work related with the abstract submitted in a poster session during the Summer School


  • Alan J. P. Calheiros - INPE, Brazil
  • Ariane Frassoni - INPE, Brazil
  • Enio Pereira de Souza, UFCG
  • Enver Ramirez - INPE, Brazil
  • Georg A. Grell - NOAA, USA
  • Irina Sandu - ECMWF, UK
  • Jairo Panetta - ITA, Brazil
  • Kevin A. Reed - Stony Brook Univ., USA
  • Luiz Augusto Toledo Machado - INPE, Brazil
  • Maria Assunção Faus da Silva Dias - IAG/USP, Brazil
  • Nilton Rosário, UNIFESP
  • Saulo Freitas - USRA/GESTAR/NASA, USA
  • Stephan de Roode, TU Delft
  • Silvio Nilo Figueroa - INPE, Brazil
  • Pedro da Silva Peixoto - USP, Brazil
  • Pedro Leite da Silva Dias - IAG/USP, Brazil
  • Peter Lauritzen, NCAR